« I tried downloading a few of your items and when i go to extract the files it keeps on saying "failed to decompress" do you think you could help? »

Agh I don’t know what that means ;_; does anyone else?

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« hello sorry but what does wcif mean omg »

It means “where can I find”. :)

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How do I still gain followers lmao

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I am here

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<3 Love Zowaaaay



Ah! i’M ON THERE?? ♥♥ 

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« hi! i hope i'm not bothering you and/or you're not busy, but i really really like your content! and i was wondering if it would be okay if i got your permission for someone to convert some of your things from sims 3 to sims 2? i can't convert anything myself, but i just wanted to double-check after reading your TOU! if not i totally understand, thanks in advance! »

Yesss you’re free to convert whatever!! Tag me so I can see it though :))

idek what my TOU says anymore lol
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« Do you only have the base game because all you wanted to model your sims? »

Nope. It’s because the computer I use can’t handle expansions. It barely runs the base game.

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*where have you been playing in background*

*somewhere over the rainbow plays in response*

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I love how candid this photo looks. 

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I made a new sim the other day, she&#8217;s so cute. Her name is Sage, and no she&#8217;s not based off of Miley Cyrus lol. 

I made a new sim the other day, she’s so cute. Her name is Sage, and no she’s not based off of Miley Cyrus lol. 

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Happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrate it! And happy Hanukkah as well. I know I’m not around as much as I used to be but I still follow new people all of the time and like pictures. Have a great day everyone. :)

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Owen likes stripes. 

Owen likes stripes. 

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Mouse, my baby. ♥_♥

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