Four pieces of YA-A Female CC.   [Click the pictures!!]                     ________________________________

[I have guy stuff in the making, don’t worry.]

This post is really long, so I’m going to stick it under a read more. Before I start though, I’d like to get my crediting out of the way so I won’t forget. For the sweater mesh, I edited Juliana’s comfy blouse..mainly for the wrists because I love how puffy they are. So credits to her. Skirt mesh is an edit of some recent store dress. I hope you guys enjoy it all. :) The sweater dress is my favorite. ^^  

Downloads & info under the cut. :) 

”Kennedy” Dress [ TWO Versions: Long Sleeve & Sleeveless] 

  • Long Sleeve: Everything is recolorable except the Kitty stencil. 
  • Sleeveless: Same as above, also applies to Mishka Eyeball and Coca Cola overlay. 

✗ DOWNLOAD:  Long Sleeve | Sleeveless

Problems w/Sleeveless:

^^  Something weird with bone assignments that I don’t know how to fix. Keep your sims arms down. ;) 
^^ It’ll look like that in CAS/Stylist. It’s okay, it won’t look like that in game. 

"Hoodlum" Cropped Sweater 

  • Everything is recolorable except “Sloth” stencil and “Best Butt” stencil. 

✗ DOWNLOAD: Cropped Sweater [UPDATED w/ morphs]

"Dulcet" Highwaist Skirt 

  • The only problem with this is that it will bleed with certain tops if they are uvmapped into the bottom area. I’m sorry! It will also clip with tops that are longer than the top flare of the skirt. 



TOU: You may use these meshes & textures in any way you please, just give credit. :) And maybe tag me so I can see what you did :o. I track ‘simmingwithsirens’. Link back to me with cc lists. You may include in your sim downloads, but credit is still appreciated.

Any other questions? Send me an ask. :))

YES I will try and convert my stuff to teens sometime soon, before anyone asks.

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